Sunday, February 19, 2012

Warrenfest, Part II

Another interesting tidbit from Warrenfest, and another piece of evidence to make the case that the Minnesota crowd, far from being hermetically sealed, is well connected to reality. Randy Wright says: Look at the Saturday February 18 New York Times crossword puzzle, 52-across. I'm looking at the print version, page C7, but to save you trouble, here's the download. If you can't read that, here's the link. Randy says, in his best I-phone Canadian prose:
Bet u wonder How i managed pull that off, eh?
Now, what's the answer?

Addendum: Well, here is the answer, from Warren himself:
The answer is Potsie which was the nickname of the character Warren Weber on the old Happy Days TV show that starred Henry Winkler. (I found the whole puzzle answered on line.)

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  1. How could I not remember? Thanks for sharing both parts I and II.